Building Credibility: Finding the experts for our film.

Part of the challenge in creating this documentary, is setting some sort of standard of credibility in order to get people to actually pay attention to the things we’ve uncovered. There are so many claims in the world of weight loss and fitness, that it’s really hard for people to judge what is true and what isn’t. Most of us tend to hope that the “magical” claims are true…so we don’t have to do what we know is probably the truth.

In trying to establish credibility, I think there are several things we have tried to do. First, by following documentary subjects who are on different plans (Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Body-for-LIFE, etc.) we are able to really examine the differences between them – and the similarities. Most people don’t realize how much crossover there is between successful programs and books. Each one is seen as unique, and I think that’s by design.

Another way in which we’ve tried to build trust in our film, is to include subject matter experts in areas of nutrition, psychology, and fitness…experts who study the science behind the complexities of weight loss. We began by trying to find any “expert” who would help us, but as it has evolved we have been extremely fortunate to have found some the most respected individuals in their field.

Experts like Walter Willett, Brian Wansink, and James Prochaska have all led groundbreaking research, and are world-renowned for their work. More to come on these individuals… We were fortunate to have the Harvard School of Public Health agree to assist us, which amazingly opened doors for us along the way, and allowed us access to more and more experts in different fields.

I’ve included a short clip of another subject matter expert, Tom Venuto, in this blog entry as it pertains to supplementation. I think that the experts who have done the research help us in some aspects, and people like Tom Venuto add valuable real-world insights. We’ve tried to include perspectives that go beyond just anecdotal evidence, but ones like Tom’s that are meticulously based upon the science as well as their application. Tom’s unique perspective comes from a lifelong natural bodybuilder and trainer, who not only talks from personal experience, but from his desire to help others understand what is actually going on as the research meets application. I’m hoping the end-result is a very easy to understand, highly credible message.

In the video clip here, I think we can see that while many of us like to believe there’s some magic in some supplements, if we really quantify the benefits of them, they are minuscule in comparison to the bigger picture. It may be a hard pill to swallow, but if we stick to the basics, we will be far more successful in the long run!

We’re also excited that Tom is releasing a new book in 2009, “The Body Fat Solution“, as it turns out to be great timing (as long as we can get this film done soon!). I was able to get an early copy of it, and I think it’s going to change the paradigm in terms of weight loss (much like I feel like INSPIRED will when it comes out). Most people believe that it’s a particular program that will be the answer for them, but as Tom covers in his book, it’s more about what gets each of us to follow ANY program…the behavioral factors that are so critical in achieving success. I think his new book perfectly addresses the very same topics in our film, bringing the science of exercise and the behavioral psychology together…a powerful combination! Hopefully we’ll benefit from Tom’s new book, as it adds even more credibility to what we’re doing!

Stay tuned for more videos from our experts!

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  1. Joe on January 2nd, 2009

    Loved this man. Read his ebook, burn the fat, feed the muscle.

    Straightforward and scientific based on his experience and research as a bodybuilder who don’t use any supplementations or drugs.

  2. Ania on January 6th, 2009

    Tom Venuto is the most sane, most reasonable person on weightloss information I have come acrossed. I have read many, many weightloss books, both in bookstores and on the web, yet Tom’s advice is the most sound and reasonable. I highly recommend for anyone who is serious about losing fat to read his e-book “Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle”. I’m looking forward to his new book “The Bodyfat Solution”, which will be coming out veyr soon. Thank You Tom!

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