How the Arthur Boorman Viral Video went viral!

Never Ever Give Up – Arthur\'s Amazing TransformationI am dusting off the cobwebs here to give everyone a small update. I’m going to be revising the whole site, as it’s super outdated, and it needs a refresh. Stay tuned…

There has been new energy pumped into our project since I gave a video to Dallas Page to post as a short summary of Arthur’s journey. While I might have saved such a video for our own purposes, I felt I should share with him since production was stalled a bit with the addition of our new son Möbius and a focus on paying the bills (since making a doc doesn’t do it!)

The Arthur Boorman video went viral on Friday May 4th 2012 — when it got picked up someone on — and moved all the way to #1 on the front page. I was pretty shocked, as I understand this can be a hard thing to do. From there, things started to get interesting.

We started seeing a lot of twitter activity sharing this video — and it started to pick up pace — every minute several people were sharing it on Twitter as well as Facebook. I was in complete awe when Tony Robbins himself tweeted the video, as did David Copperfield. This, as I understand it, is when things start to pick up speed when it comes to viral videos. Since Tony Robbins had 2 million followers on twitter and David Copperfield over 200,000 — people start to pay attention when a celebrity shares something.

The comments on the video have renewed my faith and excitement that we can inspire people to change their lives if we can show them what is possible. Stay tuned for some new updates, as this new attention on Arthur’s story will probably help give us some momentum as we try to get the film into some major film festivals. Who knows?

Here’s the video, in case you haven’t seen it yet!

Arthur Video on YouTube

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